Standard Securities offers individuals, families and companies premium secured vault protection for important documents, rare or irreplaceable hard assets, estate planning documents and digital intellectual property or otherwise.

All our business processes and strategies to support a superior customer experience through service, comfort, privacy and security.
Security benefits
Standard-sized boxes and custom
The convenient and safe access
Savings plan with a safe
Private client meeting rooms
Additional services
Emergency Operations Center.
Security consulting intelligence.

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Box Sizes
Our facilities of the state of the art in Madrid is "x 10" offer more than 1,500 safes in the size of 5 to 20 "x 30".

Furthermore, our biometric system can operate in the following modes: Verification - 1-1 Comparison of a biometric sample detected with a stored, in order to verify that the person is who they say they are. It can be done in conjunction with a smart card, username or ID number.

Identification - A one to many comparison of the captured biometric against a biometric database in attempt to identify an unknown person. The identification only succeeds in identifying the person, if the comparison of the biometric sample to a template in the database falls within a predetermined threshold


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