Some of the world’s most respected and enterprising multinationals entrust Standard Securities with the security of their people, property and facilities. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to create multi-national security solutions for every aspect of our operations.
We offer advice, analysis, training and support worldwide – wherever our customers need us.
Security practices, procedures and techniques are constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing risk. We take pride in working at the cutting edge of developments in our sector, building flexibility and capacity for change into all our security solutions.

Geared to change
• Threat and risk analysis
• Security audit of offices, installations and residences
• Crisis management plans.
One of the biggest risks to any company is complacency. We constantly review the nature and level of threat you face, and audit your procedures for minimizing risk.

Geared to your business

• Provision of strategic security plans and procedures
• Health and safety assessments and audits
• Physical and technical security solutions
We find – and deliver – sophisticated solutions to any actual or potential threat to your business. Standard Securities state-of-the-art protective services and technologies are endorsed wherever possible by world authorities, and implemented by experts to a level far beyond the scope of a company’s internal resources.

Geared to your people
• Executive protection
• Facility guard training
• Hostile environment training
• Health and safety in the workplace training
• Security awareness training.
It is essential that your employees feel secure and confident in their ability to carry out their day-to-day activities. Equally, you need to be assured that you have diligently provided the best possible care. consultant department ensure your employees are at the heart of your security plans, and have the training and preparation they need. Training can be delivered on site or online, through interactive programmes that enable you to track employees’ skills training and ensure it is up-to-date


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