A Safety Deposit Box provides the following:

Safety Deposit Boxes are available in five sizes
Type 1 2“x 5” or 50mm x 125mm
Type 2 3“x 5” or 75mm x 125mm
Type 3 5“x 5” or 125mm x 125mm
Type 4 5“x 10” or 125mm x 250mm
Type 5 10“x 10” or 250mm x 250mm

All safety deposit boxes are 24 inches deep (or 60mms)
There is a provision for a small padlock to be attached (20mm) to the clip on the bond box. (You may wish to provide your own lock or purchase one from the Vault)

Dual key locks – Customer Key and Guard Key
Standard Securities provides both of the customer keys to the client on registration. This means only the client can access each safe deposit box. If both keys are misplaced access can only be obtained by drilling the locks.

Individually numbered boxes.
Corresponding keys are not numbered. (You may wish to provide your own key tab or purchase one from Standard Securities)

  • Contents of the safety deposit box are viewed in private viewing rooms
    There a two viewing rooms set up adjoining the safe deposit box area

  • Fire resistant boxes
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