Standard Securities provides individuals and businesses with vault-secured protection of important documents (birth certificates, advance directives/living wills, passports, etc.) and valuable hard assets (jewelry, media, coins, etc). Our vault and identification access procedures guarantee our clients uncompromising efficiency, privacy and security in service. A convenient and comfortable environment awaits every client in our Village facility.
Standard Securities will also consider implementing a proprietary messaging system that gives clients access to anonymous pre-qualifying, discussions with insurance providers, financial planners, and appraisers prior to a decision to schedule a first meeting.

Our Mission
Standard Securities mission is to innovate and redefine private safe deposit service for business and individuals seeking protection of their hard assets.

Our Method
Standard Securities methodology is to use advanced but proven security systems and technologies, together with a business strategy of customer satisfaction, precise execution and efficient management of service processes.

Facility and Services
Standard Securities facilities are private and purpose-built to be the industry leader in providing convenient, private and secure storage for documents, property and hard assets of businesses and individuals.

Management Team
Standard Securities management team brings years of experience in proven technologies, solid business strategies and efficient management processes to the table.

Advisory Board
Standard Securities Advisory Board is comprised of active leading professionals from the state regulatory, banking, international marketing and global security industries


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