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This interactive website is designed to help our non-resident clients have immediate online access to our facilities.
Our safe deposit boxes are located in vaults. During normal opining hours, the main vault door is open with the exception of a day-gate, which is kept locked. When a customer requests access to their box, one of the tellers retrieves the key to the day-gate and the master safe deposit box key and assists the customer in retrieving their box.
The current procedure that encourages our tellers to escort the customer with their box out of the vault back into the lobby for a short walk to a small office where they can examine their contents. It has been proposed that our customers, many of whom express a desire to conduct their business in the vault, remain in the vault with their valuables behind the closed and locked day-gate. This would provide the customer a secure space to conduct their business and eliminate the risk of entering a public area with their box. When you rent a safe deposit box, you'll most likely be presented with two keys. Only persons authorized by you will be allowed to access the safe deposit box. This means an employee of the safe will request identification before allowing access to the safe deposit box. Anyone not on the list of approved persons will be denied access.

Standard Securities is open until 9PM weekdays, until 1PM on the weekends and 24/7 by appointment. Pick up and delivery available.

  • Reserved Parking
  • Full-time, dedicated attendants
  • Premium size boxes
  • Custom size boxes

Best Vault SafeKeeping
practices and encourages the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

  • Members only facility
  • Monitored Parking
  • Private viewing rooms

Best Vault Safe Keeping surveillance, alarm and vault systems exceed the South Africa Department of Banking requirements.

  • Interior & Exterior Monitored Surveillance
  • Biometric and Signature Identification
  • Asset surveillance and protection .
  • Design, installation and maintenance.
    Data protection.
  • On Site Guard After Hour
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